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Ultimate Belt

The Ultimate Belt

The Ultimate Belt

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The Ultimate-Belt™ is comfortable, washable, and easy to use. Perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a professional image in uniform, such as, Sports Officials, Military Personnel, Police Officers First Responders and Business Professionals.

The Ultimate-Belt is a one size fits all. It is a stretchable, lightweight, and multi-purpose belt that fits around your waist, over your shirt and under your pants. Velcro makes it easy to fasten and it can be trimmed to size.


  • Lightweight, velcro fastening belt helps keep the professional look that a clean tucked in shirt demands
  • Excellent with casual wear, business wear, uniforms, or sportswear
  • For men or women

How to Use

    1. Size the ULTIMATE-BELT by placing it over your shirt around your waist until it's well fitted.
    2. Secure the ULTIMATE-BELT by connecting the Velcro ends and cut off the excess material to your desired length.
    3. Hand wash as needed and hang up to dry.
    4. DO NOT put in DRYER and DO NOT IRON

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